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Performance Air Intake

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Let the engine inhale more freely and deliver more power, quicker acceleration, and a quicker throttle response. This is a direct replacement for the standard motorcycle air intake. Dealer installation required.

  • Fits Scout 2015-2023
Note: This kit meets EPA and CARB emission limits. Non-competition street use on motorcycles subject to USEPA noise limits & may violate federal noise limits.

Note: Performance parts are 50 state emissions compliant. Non-competition street use on motorcycles subject to USEPA noise limits & may violate federal noise limits. Indian Motorcycle recognizes the importance of environmental laws that regulate exhaust and noise emissions and is committed to developing performance parts that allow motorcycle enthusiasts to modify their vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. Emissions / Safety: Federal and many state laws prohibit the removal, modification, or rendering inoperative any part installed on motor vehicles by Indian Motorcycle affecting emissions or safety on motor vehicles manufactured for use on a public street or highway. Violation may result in fines. International markets, please consult your local laws for additional information. Noise: Certain Indian Motorcycle performance parts are subject to noise-related usage restrictions. The warning statement for these parts includes the statement, "On road use of this product may violate federal law." These products are designed for use on closed course motorcycles only and do not conform to U.S. EPA noise emission standards. Use on motorcycles subject to EPA noise regulations constitutes tampering and is a violation of Federal law unless it can be shown that such use does not cause the motorcycle to exceed applicable Federal Standards.

Note: This kit does not void factory warranty, and it includes the required Calibration Code to upgrade the Engine Control Module (ECM). The Calibration Code allows this kit to be properly installed by your dealer. No additional software purchase needed. Each kit is designated with a warning triangle to indicate the restrictions that may apply.

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Performance Air Intake
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